Brendan Keyes is from Ballymun, Dublin, Ireland. Keyes came to the United States to play Pro Soccer in 1986. He went on to play for Houston Eagles,  Force F.C and Houston Hurricanes in USL pro.  Keyes went on to coach the Hurricanes for 7 years.  Brendan is now Head Coach with Celtic F.C America who will play in upcoming 2019-20 season in USSL. 

Coach Keyes has worked with the Olympic Development program (ODP) for twelve years. He was a Stysa instructor for the State of Texas, holds two National coaching licenses with USSF and FAI,  also holds two diplomas with SMWW and Mar-key Sports Management.

If you are looking for a pro soccer trainer in the Houston area Brendan Keyes should be top of your list.   One on one training, groups or soccer camps call 832 748 1001. HAIL HAIL!


Celtic FC America join USSL for upcoming 2019 season.

February 7, 2019


USSL announced today that Celtic F.C America have officially registered to play in up coming season.  We spoke to Brendan Keyes head coach with the club.  He has decided to move his top academy team to the number one slot and Hurricanes will now play in our in our super 20s league. Brendan will now have the Hurricanes as his academy program, so basically he has just switched....

the top teams.  We know Brendan is a huge Celtic supporter and obviously his love for Celtic he has decided he wants to make C.F.C.A his top priority. The bhoys, the hoops as fans call the team will be wearing the famous green and white hoops.  Keyes who has played pro soccer in America with the Houston Hurricanes went on to say, the Hurricanes will always be in my heart, they are a huge name in Soccer not only here in Houston, Texas also the USA.  I will not forget the history here, obviously some people will not like my decision, I get that.  I have to do what's right for me, at this stage in my life.  I want to show my love for Celtic by making a run at the title in Texas and also the US Open Cup.  Celtic is a huge club back in Scotland who play in top games in Europe like champions league. They have contacted me about having an affiliation with them on many occasions. I feel down the road that will happen but for now I'm going to continue to do my own thing.


History: How it got started here in Houston, Houston has a couple Celtic teams,  Celtic bhoys who are still going be it at a much lower level and Houston Celtic both in HFA a fantastic league in Houston.  This team was originally started by three men, Jimmy Hunter, Bill Denike and Pete Sullivan. The reason I believe it's important to tell the story is Jimmy and Bill have both passed away. Two great guys.  I want to keep the team going in their memories.


Pete Sullivan is the other person, Pete lives in Virginia beach today and we still talk often, in fact he just visited me a few months ago.  We actually met up with Bill who sadly passed a way a few weeks after our meeting.  These three friends asked me to play with the the new Houston Celtic team in HFA Premier League, they already had a Celtic team in lower level. They wanted a top level team because the top league had a Rangers team and so you know the history.


At the time Keyes was playing Pro with the Houston Hurricanes F.C in USL, so it was agreed he would be loaned out in off season. The bhoys wanted me to sign a striker who was a true Celt supporter, Irish and also one of the top players in Houston.  The first season the bhoys played Rangers in Semi-Final of cup, the Celts won 3-2 and Keyes scored two goals that night, we will never forget Bill, Pete and jimmy and his dad Jimmy Sr Jumping all over the players when Keyes scored winner.  Great moment and memories I'll carry with me forever. R.I.P bhoys we are still going strong.


We got pumped in the final by Houston Nationals 5-1 but it didn't matter we beat Rangers that night.


So here you have it a little bit of the history from how it all started.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and thank God every day for allowing me to do what I love, Football.


 Celtic FC America will be holding tryouts soon, call 832 748 1001 or email Brendan@CoachKeyes.com to reg. You must be at least 16 to tryout.


Hurricanes have 3 academy teams, Bay Area Galveston and Houston Hurricanes FC super 20s.  With the top team now C.F.C.A